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orders take 8-10 weeks to deliver as they are each handcrafted

shell only

The basic bellows booth if you want to supply your own camera and computer.

  • One handcrafted Bellows Booth, made of cherry, maple and walnut wood
  • Limited edition laser engraved serial number
  • Solid brass fittings and trim
  • Custom designed cherry tripod with brass hardware
  • Telescoping bellows
  • Wiring
  • Impact 16" Beauty Dish Reflector
  • Impact SF-ABRL160 Stand Mount Flash with LED Modeling Light
  • Pelican 1660 hard shell case with padding
  • Shipping (UPS Ground in U.S. only) and Handling 

(or $368/mo for 24 mths)

shell plus

The above, plus:

  • Canon T5 camera
  • Microsoft Surface 3 tablet
  • Wiring for camera and tablet

(or $420/mo for 24 mths)


Back panel custom laser engraved with your business logo.


Shipping internationally to be handled by purchaser.

limited availability

Due to contractual agreements, the Bellows Booth is not available in New England states or New York.

Production is limited to 20 per year.


$500 discount on additional booths

ie. $500 off order of two,
    $1,000 off order of three, etc.